Mission & Results

Leading People and Building Organizations God’s Way

When the skills of a leader are all boiled down, there are really only two core skills: leading people and knowing how to build and manage organizations God’s way. That is why the School of Business Leadership (GoBusiness) is helping to train men and women called to the marketplace in our schools around the world. As professionally trained economists, business consultants and business owners, we take the scriptural truths of stewardship, capital creation and management, and help serious people who aspire to lead more effectively do so.

Perhaps most importantly, the same principles apply equally well for building families, churches, organizations, and even nations. These master principles are generic, specific, and multi-dimensional. Our students’ most common statement about the two-year course is this: “You know it began to change my marriage and family first and then moved on to my business dealings.” We say, “Great, you’re getting it!” God builds all organizations using the same basic principles.

God builds intentionally, strategically, relationally, and with results-driven feedback. We help open the scriptures to you to “see” these universal building patterns and, using your personal course-facilitators, help you to apply these life-changing and capital-producing truths to your life and to those you lead and influence.

Results of the School of Business Leadership

Vision: A sharply defined perspective for how Biblical truth impacts marketplace thinking and practice.
Foundations: Critical ideas that are foundational to a trajectory toward manifesting God’s Kingdom in the marketplace.
Connection: A process that helps to connect participants with other resources in a larger context fostering change and bringing transformation to one’s personal life, family, business, and community.
Facilitation: A trained facilitator who provides a level of direction to participants, encouraging and helping them to examine their thoughts, attitudes, and practices in light of the principles presented in the course.


“My life and thinking have been dramatically transformed since we heard about GoBusiness. I have a BBA in Accounting, an MBA in finance and am also a CPA. I have over 12 years of corporate and business experience. This series is by far more valuable to me than those degrees, the CPA, and the experience. Without a doubt the school makes these degrees more useful for Kingdom work. If anyone has desired to put God’s Kingdom principles into practice, the materials do just that. As a matter of fact, as we began the first lesson, I was able to immediately apply the principles in the workplace. There are many other transformations that I have experienced as a result of this course of study. It’s my heart’s desire that everyone in the Body of Christ incorporate these teachings into his/her lifestyle. I am applying these principles to every aspect of my life.” BG, Georgia

“You have hit the mark in my life! In GoBusiness the results of the class have been life changing, and have very possibly saved my business from bankruptcy.” RH, Oregon

“The more I listen to the teachings, the more I want. It’s like adding another arrow to my aresenal- these skills seem unlimited and it’s just a matter of sharpening them every day.” BS, Washington

“I have a strong Christian worldview but this material has allowed me to not only understand the Christian perspective, but to apply it in my day to day life of our business.” TJ, North Carolina