The Vision of the School of Business Leadership

The School of Business Leadership (GoBusiness) began in 1996 with the mission of training businesspersons how to build businesses God’s way. For over 25 years the school has made a significant impact on the lives of its students globally, extending with a ripple affect with transformation of their families, businesses and communities  (Watch our 25th Anniversary Video with History Overview Here). The two-year school is based on the biblical principles of economics and business practice and the inherent concept that deeper learning follows effective service to others. It operates through online training supported by facilitators and real-time group interaction. GoBusiness provides a sharply defined perspective for how biblical truth impacts marketplace thinking and practice and is designed to produce transformation in participants’ lives and businesses.

GoBusiness serve as a point of education in the realm of biblical economics and marketplace practices, mobilizing and deploying trained business people into service throughout the nations. We recognize that effective leadership begins with our relationship to God, extends to and through our families, out into our local churches and communities, and then into the nations. This is the context of successful ministry foundations in the marketplace and everywhere else, thus our seminars and schools reflect these realities.

GoBusiness currently operates in the US, Canada, Brazil, Europe, New Zealand, Asia, South Africa, and Central America. We adhere to the Statement of Faith of our parent organization, GoStrategic.

Students can expect:
Founder, Dennis Peacocke, shares on the core vision of the business school: